Common Sense  - Common sense is the innate ability to know what is best, or what is right, or how to do a task the best way, or to make the best decision.  Common sense grows from experience and attention given to a subject or any living or nonliving thing.  Common sense is a built in survival system.  Common sense grows in a person as they send signals out, receive them back- feedback mechanism - and then rapidly make any correction or adjustment that is needed.  Some people do this so fast that it appears as if the feedback and correction process never happened; but it did.  Common sense is also similar to what is constructive philosophy; thinking in a way that results in a worthwhile answer or practical application and solution to a question or problem.  Constructive philosophy can result in doing something that will help rather than hurt a person, an animal, or a tree.  Common sense and constructive philosophy are entwined.  See (Science, Art, And Common Sense 1)

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