3 Crown Theory

As a tree ages the crown changes.  A maturing tree will have three crowns.  Generally speaking - You can feel a difference between the texture of the three areas.  They function under different conditions.  When the temperature is above 40 degrees f. photosynthesis begins.  Here is the theory - When the temperature is around 40 degrees f. in a maturing tree #3 functions.  As the temperature raises toward 70 degrees f. the #2 crown functions (GENERALLY SPEAKING).  When the temperature is around 90 degrees f.  the #1 crown functions.

It was in the past, a common treatment was to "thin" the tree by removing the inner crown or crowns.  It was thought, this would let the wind through without wind injury.  Actually a palm tree stands tall in the wind, by the fronds throwing the wind off guard.  The same with the inner crowns of angiosperms and gymnosperms.  So this is a treatment of the past, i.e., thinning and removing crowns #1 and #2.  Not suggesting its not still done, but not an acceptable treatment in MODERN ARBORICULTURE.

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