Development  - Research focuses on collections.  Development focuses on connections.  We need both.  The greater the collection of ideas, measurements, facts, parts, and other items, the greater the chances are for connections that serve a specific need.  Children often play the dot game.  Numbered dots are connected until some recognized thing "jumps" out of the maze of dots.  The game gets boring as children get older because they no longer need to connect all the numbered dots to perceive the connected image.  As some people look at the dots, they can see the picture without going through the tedium of connecting the numbered dots.  This dot game is not so different from similar "games" played long into adulthood.  Some people must connect every dot before they can "see" an image.  Others can see an image without connecting the dots, or by connecting only a few.  Indeed, looking and seeing are two different things.  Be a collector.  But, also, be a connector.  Learn to see, fast.  It takes practice.  When you go on a potential client's property, connect dots.  See things, fast.

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