Die / Kill  - Die and kill are not the same.  As trees die slowly, they increase the amount of exudates into the rhizosphere.  When trees are killed suddenly and taken away, this does not happen. 
Killing and Dying  - When living branches on mature trees are cut or when the tree is topped, the parts are killed suddenly.  There is a difference between dying and killing.  Killing prevents recycling of materials.  The roots are the first to suffer.  (Be careful with data on this subject from tree seedlings and from current nonwoody growth on trees.  Transport in seedlings and current growth is similar to that in annual plants.  In annual plants, xylem and phloem may transport in either direction.)  More on the topic:  The review of Samuelsson et al. (1994) on CWD states that distinct Succession of bryophyte and lichen communities occurs as trees die, fall, and decay.

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