Dualities  - Dualities, wow!  Very very very difficult to understand.  Is light a wave or is light a particle?  Is wood living or is wood dead?  Is soil living or is soil dead?  The answer to all of these is “Yes”.  If you measure light as a wave, it’s a wave.  If you measure it as a particle it’s a particle.  Maybe the wood – soil words don’t fit exactly the way light goes, but we still think of wood as a dead substance.  That has to be one of the major myths that has driven so many people to believe so many other myths about trees.  Wood starts out all alive.  Every cell is alive.  They are all born alive.  Soil is the same way.  Soil is sand, silt, clay, but soil is also dying materials, dead materials, living materials – all gradations.  So dualities are single substances because light is a substance, wood is a substance, soil is a substance, yet how they are measured or how you view them - you can view them in two different lights.  You can say wood is all dead, you can say wood is all living.  Soil is alive, soil is dead.  So dualities, they are difficult.  We have so many dualities.  More than we can understand.  We can’t even discuss now in nature because nature is a series of dualities.  We want everything to be this way or that way.  This extreme or that extreme.  It doesn’t work that way.  The old theory of 80 plus or minus 10.  And then the rule goes as you get 100 you can have your 80 plus or minus 10 this way or that way.  It moves so fast that you can have many 80 + or – 10 all going on at the same time.  Wait, we can’t think of that.  They are all dualities.  We think the earth stands still but then we have to realize its moving at 1000 miles an hour.  Rotating at 1000 miles an hour.  Spinning at an unbelievable almost a million miles an hour around the sun that is rotating millions of mile an hour and then circling millions a miles in the milky way galaxy which is also rotating and spinning and who knows if the whole universe is rotating or spinning.  But if you can go through those three dualities with the earth and the sun and the milky way, bless you because it is very difficult to put them all together.  You see in the end that nothing has moved.  That can’t be because now we have movement and no movement at the same time.  Is it moving or is it not moving, the answer again is yes.  We don’t have all of your answers but we are thinking about them.  This is one we find very difficult to impossible to try to get the concepts over to you because I can’t say two things at the same time.  That’s what you will have to do if you are going to talk about dualities.  But what we can get across, we hope, is to think about all these terms, please, don’t just except them.  Come up with your definition.  We would enjoy hearing what you have to say, because you may have some words or ideas that are much much better and much superior to mine.  So think about them.  See what you think.  And see how all goes together, please think think.

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