Dynamic Equilibrium  - DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM IS A SITUATION WHERE TWO OPPOSING PROCESSES ARE MOVING BACK AND FORTH AT A STEADY RATE.  It sound like we have as oxymoron.  Dynamic means moving and equilibrium means not move.  So what do you mean here, are we moving or are we not moving?  No wonder people throw up their hands.  Dynamic equilibrium is a process where to opposing forces or actions or whatever, are moving at equal rates at opposite directions giving the appearance of a steady or stationary state.  Study this please.  One of the major myths we have is that life is balanced or we are reaching for balance, but the balance of nature.  That means nature would stop.  You reach balance, you reach equilibrium, you reach that static state, once that we know of and that’s when you die.  Dynamic, it means that you are moving.  Equilibrium means that you are moving with the appearance of no moving.  If you have two processes going on at the same rate going opposite directions it gives the appearance of no movement, yet they are both moving. Now wait a minute, are they moving or are they not moving?  It has the appearance of no movement.  See the balance of nature, it appears that everything is quite outside yet if there was indeed quite where there was no movement, everything would stop, it would die.  So dynamic equilibrium.  Nature is dynamic equilibrium.  So many of our processes are dynamic equilibrium.  Every time you pure salt, an over amount of salt, in a glass, you cannot see that as many ions that are going into the crystalline form are coming out.  You can’t see that but they are. As many that are moving in are moving out.  You can’t see it but its happening.  So think about these words.  Don’t except every definition I have.  If you are going to use them please be prepared to define them.  Think, think, think.

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