Flush Cut Pruning  - Flush cut pruning is cutting flush with the trunk.  Flush cut pruning is removing the branch collar and its capacity to produce chemicals to resist invasion by microorganisms.  Flush cut pruning is the primary cause of many problems with peach trees. Flush cut pruning does not lead to good closure.  However, a flush cut can lead to a cavity and a good home for some small wildlife.  Not so good for the tree but good for certain wildlife. When pruning was attempted in tree farming in the past, flush cuts were the prescribed treatment.  Thus low quality material resulted.  Tree anatomy never had a chance.

See TREE PRUNING, SHIGO, 1989 a must

See "Pruning".

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Flush cuts remove the branch protection zone and wound the trunk.  The barrier zone that forms after wounding often separates to form a ring shake or crack.  There may be a circumferential weakening far beyond the wound.  When woundwood closes the wound, wood is the correct term for the tissues.  The woundwood may roll inward to form a "ram's horn" and the wound will never close completely.  Then primary and secondary cracks may develop.

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