Forest  - A forest is a highly ordered arrangement of living organisms living in, on and around (dead, dying & living) all of the ecological stages of trees, in such an highly ordered fashion it assures high quality survival for all members.  Forest are systems where trees and many other communities of organisms are connected in ways that ensure high quality survival for all.  Forests can heal, trees cannot.  Trees manufacture food (energy), store it like a battery, and provide it throughout their ecological stages to many unique groups of organisms above as well as below ground, i.e., besides for their own use. Part of the grand connection.  E.g., substrate for the base of the food web – fungi.  (The picture only represents a fragment of what exist, as a forest.  There is a whole other world underground.  Remember the rhizosphere of trees in a forest is often found inside nurse logs.  This is a survival feature during drought and fire for starters.)

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