Source SHIGO 2002 CD's

The color altered wood represents chemical change from wound or injury.  Microorganism are present.  CODIT is a MODEL.  You will not find the walls in the tree.  Wall #1 resist, not stops, the spread up and downward.  Wall #2 resist spread towards the pith.  If succession moves to pith, there is no longer a wall #2.  Wall #3 resist spread in the circumferential direction.  Remember, each year, in a sense, a new tree grows around the old tree.  Wall #4 resist spread into new formed xylem or wood that grows after the time the tree was wounded.

This model is used for a better understanding of the succession of microorganisms, wounds and trees.

Do not confuse CODIT with WOUND CLOSURE.   CODIT and WOUND CLOSURE are two different processes.  The walls are model figures to simplify the understanding of the succession of microorganisms.  You will not see the walls.

Image Courtesy Shigo, Trees & Associates "TREE BASICS pg 11")




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Source SHIGO 2002 CD's

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