BUDS on the inside

[ABOVE] Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea pungens - Leader Bud with I2KI applied in the fall of 1993.  Dark Purple areas reveal starch grains.  With respect to buds, trees store starch in the base of the bud (leader buds).  Starch is stored as an energy carbon source in living cells.  Starch is not stored in the tip of the bud nor in the green meristem [MS] that will form the new growth next growing season.  No starch is seen in the early spring dissections.

Non-leader buds in fall.    Buds contain apical meristems.  The meristems do not store energy reserves.  Starch is stored in tissues behind the buds.

Boxelder Bud (inside view) with preformed parts ready to go.

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