Box Elder Tree

  Acer negundo

A Native of North America

This species of tree produces a red color altered wood most times as a result of a wound on injury or what appears here as the result in the death of the branch.

This column of color altered wood is a result of branch death and not a wood aging process.  This is not true heartwood.  This is discolored wood / color altered wood as a result of a wound, injury or death of a branch.  Some may call this false heartwood?

Other maples such a s Norway Maple produce green color altered wood when wounded.  It is often mistaken for a disease called Verticillium Wilt because it is green.



Again, the on take of color, such as red, is a result of a wound or an injury.  It is not heartwood.  It is not from an aging process.  It is color altered wood / discolored wood.

You can see the rams horning representing fast closure.  NOT HEALING.

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