This is a typical RAMS HORNING type closure which you can see  looks like rams horns.  The Rams Horns is growth after the wounding and represents sapwood.  This is not good closure.  Cracks will form most of the time.  Fast closure brings about rams horns.  Do not get closure confused with compartmentalization.

The red arrows point to where the true heartwood begins which extends in the picture to the pith (Green Arrow).  At the pith there is some discolored heartwood (darker).  This tree must of had a small wound that was compartmentalized during the younger years of the tree.

Blue arrows point to the color altered / discolored wood as a result of the wound or injury estimated 3 years ago for this sample.

The color altered sapwood and color altered heartwood is altered to a higher state of protection yet will be the first to decay as a standing or fallen tree or even when it is brought into your home as lumber.  It is the first place termites and carpenter ants will go.

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