The Dying Trees

When people say a tree is dying just what does that mean?  Most of the time they are referring solely to the symplast, with no regards for the functionality of symplastless fallen wood above as well as below ground.  A symplastless fallen tree is a community center for organisms of the once fertile forest.  (Shigo, A. L.   1969, Death And Decay of Trees   Natural History; 78: 42-47)

Dying trees, fallen trees, growing trees and decomposing trees play key rolls in good forest health. I.e., if they are not KILLED.








The symplast of the crowns of theses trees no longer can optimize the sunlight energy.  Exudates are increasing as this tree dies and as long as the tree is not cut out of the forest.  Exudates are good.  If one thinks this is a sign of a problem I suggest reading "Troubles in the Rhizosphere" by Shigo for starters.









Humans need to understand the importance of healthy drinking water and healthy forest.













Here it is near impossible to tell where log ends (TREE ENDS) and soil begins.


Many years after this standing tree with symplast died, it fell and is still adding a needed designed chain of functions to its associates inside and out.





Here we see this tree was not killed.

We do not see many of the communities living on, in and near this symplastless tree from this picture.  You must go in person.








We must consider the subnivean members of the forest when conversations of "cutting the wood out of the once fertile forest arise.



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