Fungus Beetle

The American Pleasing fungus beetle is connected with a fungi associated with symplastless Hemlock Trees.  The beetle (Blue Arrows), is a fungi eater and I have only seen them in old growth or wilderness areas where logging is prohibited.  They are nocturnal yet some are active during the day.  The lower picture was taken at 11:27 PM in COOK STATE PARK FOREST in the protected area.

Here we see where large symplastless woody debris of hemlock (species specific - upper picture) connect with specific fungi (Ganoderma tsuga - Red Arrow), which connect with the beetle, specifically the American Pleasing Fungus Beetle, and the story goes on.  The Hemlock (symplastless) is the substrate for the fungus.  Without the ganoderma tsuga I have yet to see the American Pleasing Fungus Beetle.  CONNECTIONS!!!!!!!  Makes me wonder if this connection is a threatened and endagerered one as logging goals alter hemlock containing forest into hardwood tree farms such the case in the Allegheny National Forest.  Connection Breaking Practices.









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