Liquid - Solid - Gas

Source SHIGO 2002 CD's





















Above: The lawn is good but standing water is not good for this tree.


Some tree's like this CYPRUS, like wet feet.

















Source SHIGO 2002 CD's


Willow in the snow.





















A pine branch in the snow.




















A pin oak still holding on to its leaves (Abscission Zone has not formed) in the Snow of 2003 in South East Pennsylvania.














Snow on beech leaves.



















A Magnolia in the snow.
Snow of 2003 in South East Pennsylvania.









Snow in crotches and stubs.















Many images from SHIGO 2002 CD's


Icicle on tip of branch.


















Ice on white pine needles.



















Heavy ice on branches.




















Ice in soil cavity.


















Source SHIGO 2002 CD's

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