Humpty Dumpty said a word means only what he wants it to mean.  Socrates, a great philosopher, said, just tell us what you want your word to mean.   And Voltaire, another great thinker, said, when we know what you mean by your words, arguments and misunderstandings will seldom happen. So be it (SHIGO, 2000).   One more thing, to consider.   Consider poor Joe who liked alcohol. Drank methanol rather than ethanol.  He then quickly learned, as his brain got burned.  That words are important after all (SHIGO, 1999).

    There is great misunderstanding with the terms used to promote timber sales on Public Lands.  E.g.,  The "Burn and Clearcut Project"   in the Allegheny National Forest ."  Many are empty words, which specifically, often, the USFS refuse to define.  These words need to be unpacked.  I am pleased to define my terms for this discussion.  You do not have to agree, but, you will know what I mean.

    It will be very difficult to grasp the parts of the tree, without doing dissections and autopsies.  And grasping the parts of the tree comes before physiology.  After attending many dissection labs, I have begun to grasp the parts and processes of trees.  

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