IRS – Internal Regulating System  - As the inner symplast dies – it becomes static mass, not requiring energy as the symplast.  Therefore it reduces the demands for energy from the symplast, and on non-woody roots for water and essential elements.  The symplastless expanding core becomes the static mass.  While the symplast and new cells born in new places represent the dynamic mass.  The Internal Regulating System.   Regulating the demands on non-woody roots for elements and water and the crown for sunlight.  Thus regulating the needs for glucose and starch with respect to the single tree and its symplast needs, above as well as below ground.  Note that mass is increased exponentially.  Wounds also reduce dynamic mass drastically.  Some trees are more critical that others such as peach trees where small mistakes make big problems.
Between #1 and #2 on this Coffee tree is dynamic mass (sap wood).  Between #3 and #4 is the Static Mass.

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