Injury and Damage  - Injury is a physiological disruption, and damage is an economic disruption.  Injury harms the tree.  Damage lowers the quality of the wood.  E.g., a tree may have vascular wilt and die, but no damage to the wood.  When a insect like a cambium miner may do little harm to the tree yet do great damage to the wood for product.  Cambium miner tracks in paper birch cause very little injury to the tree but a great amount of damage to the veneer.
Some diseases cause serious injury to trees, but the trunks can be salvaged for high quality products, and little damage results. 
    In other words. 
Damage is an economic disruption, it hurts the pocket book, you money, your economic flow.  Injury is a physiological disruption, you say it hurts the body.  So remember, don’t get those words confused.  To use damage with the word CODIT is incorrect.  That’s not the correct word.  Because CODIT, it could be deterioration, it could be decomposition, it could be discoloration, it could be decay, it could be damage, it could be disruption, it could be a whole long line.  Have you ever noticed how all of these words start with a D?  Its not only damage, but damage means money, it means economics, it means something is hurt -  your economics.  You can have very little damage and very high injury.  The opposite can happen.  Very little injury and very high damage.  Think of the veneer mill.  When they make rotary veneer out of birch.  When the birch had large amounts of cambium miner they would say they cannot use the wood for their end product which was to imprint with another kind of grain.  Because of the cambium miner you could not imprint over the cambium miner.  So the cambial miner injured the tree in a very miner way yet cost a great amount of damage.  Other kinds of damage could be slight or very heavy.  So damage think of money.  Injury think of ouch.  Think, above all things, think about it.  So don’t use these words unless you really know what they mean.

Remember!  There are many benefits of CWD for a forest.

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