KOALA - "The Plight of the Koala's"

Sexually transmitted fatal disease and TREES.

[Below: Koala partially blind from syphilis which was spread sexually.  Many Koalas were blinded and died.  Some were euthanized] 

Religion = who and why?  Science = what and how?    My story is a good / bad news one and comes from Australia.  First understanding the natural connection Koalas (which are not bears) have with eucalyptus trees.  Though often called the koala “bear,” this cuddly animal is not a bear at all; it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal. After giving birth, a female koala carries her baby in her pouch for about six months. When the infant emerges, it rides on its mother's back or clings to her belly, accompanying her everywhere until it is about a year old.  Koalas eat the leaves (foliage) of about 6 different species of eucalyptus trees.  The leaves are very high in moisture content.  Thus the majority of the moisture intake and requirements of Koalas, comes from the foliage they eat.  Keep this in mind.   Now humans are very fond of Koalas.  As a result, they began building their houses closer and closer to the eucalyptus groves.   However, eucalyptus groves naturally, frequently burn and burn hot.  It’s a natural feature of the species.  Thus humans fear of fire and moving close became an issue.  So out of total ignorance of TREE BASICS, they dug fire trenches.  In doing so they injured the trees.  I.e., woody roots, rhizosphere - non-woody roots and mycorrhizae for starters.  The trees responded to human activity that injured them.  They tanned their leaves.  There are hydrogen bonds in the leaves that normally in a sense, are held open with toothpicks.  I.e., in a sense.  Thus allowing the enzymes of Koalas, as they chew the leaves, to enter and digest the leaves.   Thus releasing the nutritional substances they, the Koalas, require.  Now the trees tanned their leaves resulting in a sense,  the toothpicks being removed thus collapsing the hydrogen bonds, not allowing the enzymes of the Koalas to enter and digest the leaves.  So not receiving the required nutrition they began to eat more and more leaves trying to get nutrition.  Now remember the moisture content of the leaves we mentioned.  Thus the intake of moisture increased substantially for the koalas increasing urination without nutrition.   Thus Koalas developed a condition (from staying wet down below) called wet spot.   The wet spot was the perfect condition for a spirochete which was perfect for syphilis.  Then syphilis was spread sexually.  Many Koalas were blinded and died.  Some were euthanized. 




Good News:  They figured that out.  I.e., in Australia and not only has construction stopped and humans moved away, many areas are being permitted to return to original conditions.


1.  Ignorance of TREE BASICS.

2. Trees respond when injured or threatened with ignorance of humans not considered.  Yet trees remain the most giving and forgiving organisms living today on earth. See "TREE RESPONSE"












TREE BASICS  a science book on what trees are, how they live, grow and survive and how humans can reduce injury, must be placed in every school in the USA.


The picture is a partially blinded koala (Back Cover TREE BASICS) which died as a result of human ignorance of TREE BASICS.

TREE BASICS BOOK: http://www.shigoandtrees.com










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