Laws of Energy in Nature  - The famous Second Law of Thermal Dynamics (Energy Flow) states that no system can remain orderly unless it receives a constant supply of energy.  The First Law states that energy cannot be made or destroyed, but only passed along in different forms.  The Laws of Conservation of Matter are similar in that matter cannot be made or destroyed but only passed along in different forms.
        In other words.  Laws of energy in nature are different from principles of energy and principles in nature.  Laws mean they are closer to absolutes so long as conditions are known or can be held in order.  Principles are at best 80 plus or minus 10.  This is why no one has ever done an experiment on a forest that has been absolute, because the best you can do is predict.  But the most famous law of nature is the Second Law of Thermal Dynamics or the Second Law or the Law of Energy Flow.  It states that no system will remain orderly unless it receives a constant supply of energy.  So if your not growing upward your going downward.  If your not putting it in and becoming more highly ordered your loosing it and becoming more disordered.  This is where we get the little snappy phrase that entropy will get you if you don’t watch out.  In other words there is no such thing as a cruse and this all relates to the Second Law.  A friend of mine once asked his good friend the physicist what the most important part was all about and he said in two words “Second Law”.  It governs everything, your either going up or your going down.  You cannot cruise, there is no such thing.  The First Law is another law we need to know about, its often called the Law of Conservation of Matter.  It means just as with energy, because they are the same you know.  E=mc˛, so they become the same in a sense – depends on where you are looking at them and the conservation of matter says again, you can’t make it, you can’t break it, you can only pass it on in different forms.  See all of these tie together, they all tie together.   They tie together and they work with so much of what we call pathogenesis – predisposition.  Because as any system begins to go from highly ordered arrangement, which can repeat to less and less order so it reaches a point where it cannot repeat.  For instance, if a system goes down to 40, starting at a 100, that 40 is not just thrown away, its used by another system that moves in and moves that forty all they way up to its 100.  Then it comes down.  Then another one comes down until we are back to the elements and then we start all over again.  This is the way it works.  Weather you like it or not that is the way it works.  Think about all of these things.  But, do a little thinking.  

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