Le Chatelier Principle  - It is so important to our work.  Yet it is only seen and described in chemistry books and in no other books on trees.  Yet it is so important if you are going to understand how liquids move in a tree - you have to know this principle.  If you know how anything moves in nature you need to know, you need to know, this principle.  The best way to explain the Le Chatelier Principle is a process of constant motion as items on one side move in “attempts” to “balance” both sides.  As items on one side leave the process, the motion goes to that side.  When the items on the other side leave the equation, the motion then goes to that side.  Think of a moving seesaw.  In trees, water and glucose are major items that keep the processes going.  The best way to understand this principle is that it keeps the seesaw moving.  In a sense, and we emphasize, in a sense, there seems to be an attempt for balance.  Is it not strange that life seems to move towards death?  This is the way it is, so think about this.  Because, if the seesaw does get balanced it stops.  And once it stops nothing moves.  And when nothing moves that’s called death, is it not?  In trees water and glucose are major items that keep the processes going.  So as glucose is formed and it gets together with many other glucose molecules and you take the water molecule out then you will finally have cellulose or starch.  If you utilize it and take it apart with the 36 or 35 ATP’s in the glucose, it is leaving the formula.  And if its leaving the formula then the processes will move towards that direction.  So the seesaw is constantly moving and it’s constantly out of balance and once it reaches balance – that’s the end.  Think about these things.  Remember also that in order for any pump to work, before you can get it to work, it must start.  That’s what this is about.  How these processes start.  The Le Chatelier Principle is a must.  Learn about it.  We doubt you will find it in any tree book.  Find a chemistry book and when no one is looking, look it up, read about it and you will be amazed about how much you find out that these things relate.  They are all intertwined, they are all connected.  This principle connects with that principle and so on.  Please think about these things.  Think.  Think.  Think.

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