Life and Death  - Life is a journey, powered by the sun, of a highly ordered and connected group of chemicals borrowed from the earth.  Death is the end of the journey where the borrowed chemicals are returned to the earth to be used again for new life.  Life is a condition of a system that is so highly ordered that so long as energy is supplied, the system has the potential to repeat, or reproduce.  As the order of the system begins to decrease, and disorder increases, the system first declines and finally stops - - death!  As trees decline, their “taxes” increase, and then the “clean-up crew” comes in to use the remaining energy.  They get the blame for the death. 
       In other words.  We do not expect you to except these definitions word for word.  But we hope you will think about them and come up with your own - then they will be yours.  There has been a great deal of time trying to define these two words.  How do you define life and then how do you define death.  Life to me is a condition of any system that is so highly ordered, that so long as energy is coming into the system (is supplied)  the system has the potential, the capacity as an individual, to repeat or reproduce.  On the other hand as the order of a system begins to decrease and disorder increases, the system first declines – losses its ability to reproduce, repeat.  Then finally it becomes balanced, stops – death.  Now the next part you won’t like at all.  But we don’t make the rules, I did not make the rules and do not blame mother nature.  As trees begin to decline their taxes increase.  Oh, you say that is nasty.  You would think that they would ease up on their taxes.  Don’t they have enough problems?  Well, you have to realize how nature functions.  It functions in ways to maintain the life of all and to look after those new ones.  As your taxes goes up energy goes to many, many, living organisms in the soil.  E.g., the bacteria, the actinomycetes, the enchytraeid worms, the nematodes, the fungi of all types and sorts, the protozoa, etc.  In other words everybody that is in the soil.  They require their fuel.  If you can imagine circles on circles on circles on circles on circles.  Circles connect and then they break and then they circle.  And then the cleanup crew comes along.  The first cleanup crew usually gets the blame for killing the plant.  They remind me of little children with whistles and red hats jumping up and down saying “look they killed the plant”.  No, they did not kill the plant.  The humans and their actions are usually the major cause.  If you plant the tree too deep or over prune it its going to go down.  So think about these things please.  Think, think, think.

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