Light  - Light is both a particle, a photon - a wave.  This is an example of a duality.  The world of natural systems is full of dualities, and even some trialities.  Light in the form of waves or photons is the ultimate energy source.   Light as well as life are a result of the suns fusion process.  With respect to photosynthesis and sun light energy - the process is most efficient when light intensity is near 1500 foot candles and temperatures are between 28 and 35 degrees Celsius.  But regardless of the amount of light photosynthesis stops when temperature rises above 90 degree F for 3 consecutive days or drops below 40 degrees F.   Also when certain elements like manganese and iron are lacking or low the process of manufacturing chlorophyll stops or decreases and energy is not trapped.  Water also can be a limiting factor in energy trapping ability of the plant.  Light connects the biotic and abiotic.  We get light and life as a result of the sun's fusion process.


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