Logging  - Briefly, "with respect." - It has been published that logging is removing or cutting out present and future coarse woody debris from a forest, woods or a field.  Logging is removing, probably the single most, present and future, important habitat and potential niche for the survival of organisms in drastically altered systems.   ...dying and symplastless wood provides one of the two or three greatest resources for animal species in a  forest. ..if fallen timber and slightly decayed trees are removed the whole system is gravely impoverished of perhaps more than a fifth of its fauna.  Logging is removing future reservoirs and storehouse of nutrients for fauna and flora.  In respect, to such projects as the “Burn and Clearcut Project”" - Logging is the killing of trees.  Logging is removal of most of the stem of one of the largest, longest lived contributors to the once fertile forest health.

(See “Logging – What it is” our doc) 

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