Meristematic Points  - A meristematic point is a highly concentrated area of parenchyma, but all the cells are the same.  Have not been pre-formed into a bud.  But it can form a bud and it can form a stem.  Meristematic points form spear-like points into the bark.  The points can differentiate to form sprouts, flowers, woody roots, and prop roots.  Other types of spear-like points go from the bark into the wood.  These are associated with a wood pattern called bird's eye.  The initiating factors must come from the bark.  When energy reserves decrease, meristematic points form sprouts.  Meristematic points are sheets of radial parenchyma cells.

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Above:  A meristematic point which was growing out into the inner and outer bark.  The sample, I believe, is a black walnut.

In other words.  Meristematic means the capacity to divide and differentiate. New sprouts, flowers, roots, and other tissues come from meristematic points, not "dormant buds."

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