Here is a collection of the DATA I use when addressing forest health issues as well as issues specific to trees in urban environments.  I have these scanned and in PDF if useful to the cause.  The cause "addressing forest health issues with sound data to better help the trees as well as their associates.  With humans on the inside and not on the outside looking in.  Sure humans require products.  Our Forefather Ben Franklin had part of the solution "grow hemp".   George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. George Washington's (Our) first Flag was made of hemp.

FOR STARTERS, THESE ARE MY REF in which I have in PDF that I can send to you.


"Shigo, A. L. 104 pages, hardcover 9 x 12 inches, 1994 1994 TREE ANATOMY Shigo and Trees, Associates

"Shigo, A. L. Above Ground  TREE ANATOMY SLIDE PACKAGES Shigo and Trees, Associates

"Shigo, A. L. Below Ground  TREE ANATOMY SLIDE PACKAGES Shigo and Trees, Associates

"Shigo, A. L. video  A CLOSER LOOK AT TREES (video)  Shigo and Trees, Associates

"Shigo, A. L. video  Alex Shigo-Tree Toucher; Sustainable Forests followed by Modern John Muir Phillips 

32 pages  PRUNING TREES NEAR ELECTRIC UTILITY LINES  Shigo and Trees, Associates

8 page booklet   5 MINUTE TREE CARE  Shigo and Trees, Associates

A 10 panel fold-out brochure  TREE HAZARDS  Shigo and Trees, Associates

A 12 panel fold-out brochure.  CARING FOR YOUNG TREES FROM NURSERIES TO LANDSCAPES  Shigo and Trees, Associates

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Shigo, A. L. 1989 TREE PRUNING SLIDE PACKAGE Shigo and Trees, Associates

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Shigo, A. L.  MODERN ARBORICULTURE Shigo and Trees, Associates

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   Secretes of The Soil, The Book


THESE ARE REF I HAVE in PDF I can send you a copy.  They are listed in Shigo books.


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