Mycoparisitism  - Mycoparisitism is the parasitism, the connection, of one fungus on another fungus of a different species.  Because fungi can and do absorb energy sources, elements and water from outside sources.  They tell us a great deal about all kinds of diseases.  This is why we believe paradoxical effects are so very very important, because we never really know where we are as we are increasing dose.  Dr Shigo was able one time to show paradoxical effects.  He had a fungus, Cytospora decipiens, that would go from white to red as the manganese levels in the medium where altered.  He could make the fungus go white – red – white – red – white – red – white – red as dose was increasing.  The frightening part of all of this is how do you know where you are with dose.  More on this will be discussed under paradoxical effects.  Work on Paradoxical Effect was done mostly in 1960 & 1961 in Laconia, NH.  You are what you eat.  Remember you can feed an animal.  You can feed you.  You can be fed, you eat food.  You have to have the food in a form that you can utilize.  And so it is with a fungus.  You can feed a fungus.  You can grow them in liquid culture.  And as a result of growing them in a liquid culture you know exactly what they are absorbing.  Think about it.  So mycoparisitism - think about it.  We get a lot of free in nature.  Think please think.  Click here for more words on topic.  See detail in A New Tree Biology, chapter on microorganisms.

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