Personal Interpretation - and avoiding confusion.

Personal interpretation - when a messenger sends a message with undefined terms, the receiver fills in void with personal interpretation.  Your definition, not mine or Webster’s, but yours.  YOUR DICTIONARY should be your best friend.  I wrote mine and please do not accept my definitions.  They are there so you know what I mean when I send a message and use those terms.  Yet, please tell me what you mean when you use those terms.  But don't waste my time if you don’t know what your message means or have spent your time.   
E.g., Woman from Montgomery county sucks at defining the words she used.   During COVID-19 the word isolate.  She stated “Let me define it”.  She gave example of when people would be isolated but never told us what isolate actually means, i.e., specifically what she expects, not what we expect, after all we are the receiver.  
Another word scientist cannot agree on is essential.  Essential elements - they can’t agree on what essential means and nobody has told us what essential means here either.   Did list things expected to close and things mandated open but no one told us what they mean when they use the word “essential”.   They can’t so they need to stop using words they cannot define.  Or it is noise with stimulating “personal interpretation” by listeners or those receiving messages trying to do what humans do, try to fill in blanks to complete the circle.   It’s not the same as misspelled words.  I.e., if the first and last letter are in place the receiver possibly can get it.  Real bad, I.e., noise.
Noise I define as words with no meaning from messenger.   Worse yet is “personal interpretation”.  Wars start with personal interpretation.
I define essential as meaning when an element is lacking or in higher doses than required, system begins to decline leading to death if not addressed.   There are 17 essential elements 14 coming from the soil, I believe.
With talk of essential elements those who call elements such as nitrogen, a nutrient or plant food, just need to stop writing, stop pushing products  and take a walk in the woods.  Or tell us what you mean.
Another thing is politicians.  When you ask them a question and they reply starting with “Well, you know”.  You know they DO NOT know.  Look them in the eyes and they will know you know they do not know.
You would be surprised the amount of so called tree experts that cannot tell me what they mean when they say "tree". Oh you know that thing over there. No I do not know what you mean.
Consider poor Joe who liked alcohol.  Drank methanol rather than ethanol.  He then quickly learned, as his brain got burned.  That words are important after all.

John A. Keslick Jr.
Tree Biologist

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