Regenerating and Generating Systems  - A generating system is a system that new parts and processes form in new spatial positions; plants.  Each year a new tree grows around the old tree in new spatial positions from the cambial zone.  New parts also form in new spatial positions with apical growth.  The difficulty with generating systems is that as mass increases, the energy to maintain order in the mass increases at exponential rates.  Thus, creating a need and purpose that Large Woody Debris must remain an objective for good forest health thus providing essential elements and water needed for energy production throughout the life cycle.  Click here for some examples.
    In other words.  Generating means new parts in new positions.  Regenerating means new parts in old positions.  Trees are generating systems,  humans and other animals are regenerating systems.  Humans heal, they restore, they replace, they regenerate.  Trees can’t do any of these, they compartmentalize, they form boundaries – to say it correctly boundaries form to resist, not stop, resist the spread of infections.  Trees again, again and again, they cannot heal in the sense of animal healing.  Now if you are going to talk about wound healing you may (around me) need to define how you are going to use the word.  Maybe your word is going to be different than mine so think about all these things.  At least give them your thought – please. 

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