Researchers  - Why do some researchers delight in marching to near or distant drummers?  Marching is a war thing mostly.  We need more dances in research.  The practicing foresters are not communicating very well with researchers.  Real researchers record their data in ink, and their discussions in pencil.  Conflict of interest is becoming a serious problem in science where researchers benefit by saying very positive things about certain products.  "A successful business person once told me that researchers have all the answers but they don't know the questions".  (See TREE PITHY POINTS, SHIGO, 1999) "The researcher took all the legs off a flea.  He then shouted to the flea to jump. The flea just lay there.  The report stated that fleas lose their ability to hear when you remove their legs.  Don't laugh.  We have seen research reports worse than that". 

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