Respiration and Photosynthesis  - Oxygen, carbon dioxide; and water are the actors in photosynthesis and respiration.  They trap, transport, store, and supply energy and in the end they are still oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water.
    In other words.  Here again repeats.  Buildup – breakdown.  Photosynthesis is an energy trapping process.  The energy from light, produced by the fusion process on the sun, is trapped.  Respiration on the other hand is the release of the energy.  It is the directed release.  It’s released where life forms, where life has directed it.  The actors are carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.  They trap, use, store and do many other things but in the end they are still carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.  It’s a miraculous process.  You cannot call yourself a biologist or a tree person or any kind of a person connected with biology if you do not understand some of the details of this process.  They sustain you every time you eat and drink.  Think about these things.  One is a trapping process while the other is a releasing process.  Please think about these things.

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