“Logging – What it is”

What does it mean when a person says "log an area" "we are logging"?
With respect to the Painter Run Windthrow Salvage Project
I use the Allegheny National Forest Present Plans as a guide to address this question.
From time to time maybe people think logging (timbering) should be reduced, some think it should stop commercially on federal public land such as ANF.  Some people think logging should increase.  But no one has explained to me – what logging is.  Never in the history of humankind have so many people talked and written so much about what they know so little about- the environment (Shigo, 1999 pg 104).  In order to choose sides, one might want to know what it is, i.e. logging.  Fungi speaking, in conversation with Dr. Don Marx, a claim was made that we know less than 10% of what we need to know.  In this paper here is some of what we do know.  

John A. Keslick, Jr., Tree Biologist, Tree Biological Laboratory, Allegheny Defense Project; Keslick and Son Modern Arboriculture



1. Standing or Fallen Symplastless Trees - Dead or Alive?

2. Logging  – Water / Moisture

3. Logging – Nutrients and Essential Elements

4. Logging – With Respect to Browsing and Sensitive Plants

5. Logging - Plant Bio-Diversity / Threatened and Endangered Species

6. Logging – Fungi Diversity – Mycorrhizae – Bacteria / Endangered Species

7. Logging – Animals / Endangered Species

8. Logging – Temperature

9. Logging – Other Habitat and Potential Niches

10. Logging – Insects – Bonogens / Endangered Species

11. Logging – Humic Acids, Horizons, Buffers and pH

12. Logging – Soil Erosion – Soil Mixing - Churning

13. Logging – Present to Future Wood Quality

14. Logging – Some Recommendations Made

15. Logging - Space

16. Logging – Fire Protection

17. References

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