Trunk Flair or Flare (sic?) - Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).
Trunk Flair is the flair at the base of the trunk.  Often mistaken as woody root and mistakenly called root flair.  I have been dissecting trees for ten years and have not found a root flair yet.  Trees have truck flairs, but woody roots have no anatomical feature as a root flair.  Why is this important?  It could save your life.  Especially, if you are a climber.  There are certain fungi that discriminate between woody root tissue and woody stem tissue.  Thus the tree may have trunk flair but no woody roots.  A SHIGOMETER must be used to check trunk flair for signs of decline of woody root. 
    In other words.  Trunks of trees expand at their bases.  Roots attach to trunk bases at a way opposite the branches.  It is impossible to have a root flair. 
    In other words.  Please understand we are not trying to disturb anyone.  But when we hear the word “root flair” we know that person has absolutely, absolutely, absolutely no understanding of trees.  Trees don’t have root flairs, they have trunk flairs.  It’s impossible to have root flair.  If you were to only, think about it.  It means you have no understanding of trees and you shouldn’t call yourself a tree person.  We are sorry but that’s the way it is.  There’s no such thing.  Please define a “root flair”.  If you see one, please photograph it.  Just as we tell people if you see a regenerating root, wow, photograph it.  We want to know about it.  There is no such thing as a root flair.  Think of the words.  Flair means to spread out.  Roots don’t spread out, trunks spread.  Think for a moment.
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Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).




When inspecting a tree that is leaning, it is without question, absolutely required to have a nice distinctive trunk flair on the [specific] direct backside of the lean.  Below #1 is what I mean when I say a required trunk flare on backside of lean. If you do not have that you have a problem.  However you can have that but certain woody root decay fungi will decay woody root tissues but not woody stem.  So the woody root can be decayed right up to trunk flare.  That's why I ask so called experts to briefly list 5 major anatomy differences between a woody root and a woody stem. Without this trunk flair you know you do not have a woody root for support.  Now if you have this flair the a SHIGOMETER must be used to inspect the health of the woody root.


Two climbers were killed when they saw that trunk flair and said ok, the tree has woody roots for support.  It did not and the tree fell and both were killed.

Below is an example: This tree ha no roots. You will here people state look at the roots?  There are no roots just trunk flair and trunk.

Below is a mulberry that had woody roots when it fell but no woody root or trunk flair on back side of lean.


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