1 Introduction Robert F. Tarrant and Chris Maser

5 Chapter 1. Coarse Woody Debris in Forests and Plantations of

Coastal Oregon

Thomas A. Spies and Steven P. Cline

25 Chapter 2. What We Know About Large Trees That Fall to the Forest Floor

Chris Maser, Steven P. Cline, Kermit Cromack, Jr.,

James M. Trappe, and Everett Hansen

47 Chapter 3. What We Know About Large Trees That Fall Into

Streams and Rivers

James R. Sedell, Peter A. Bisson, Frederick J. Swanson,

and Stanley V. Gregory

83 Chapter 4. What We Know About Large Trees in Estuaries,

in the Sea, and on Coastal Beaches

Jefferson J. Gonor, James R. Sedell, and

Patricia A. Benner

113 Chapter 5. Looking Ahead: Some Options for Public Lands

Jerry F. Franklin and Chris Maser

123 References

151 Appendix

Color illustrations appear at the ends of chapters.