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5 Minute Tree Planting Guide

* Money is wasted when trees are planted too deep.
* Do not bury roots in small deep hole.
* Do not wrap trees.
* Do not amend the soil unless the soil is very poor.
* Do not brace so tightly that the tree cannot sway.
* Do not brace with wire in a hose.
* Do not fertilize at planting time.
* Do not plant grass or flowers near the tree.
* Do not remove branches to balance crown with the roots.





* Plant at the depth where the roots spread from the trunk.
* Prepare a planting site, not just a hole in the ground.
* Loosen the soil far beyond the dripline of the tree.
* Brace the tree only if it will not remain upright in a moderate wind.
* Brace with broad, belt-like materials that won't injure the bark.
* Mulch away from the trunk with composted material.
* Keep soil moist, not water-logged, to the depth of the roots.
* Remove dead and dying branches.

* Wait until the second growing season to begin training cuts for shaping and to begin fertilizing.

All above text and images from - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).

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