Problems with Planting 1

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Problems with Planting

It is time for people to begin to learn to plant trees at the proper depth [STARS]. Too often we plant trees at the depth where they tie the burlap [NO]. Non-biodegradable materials such as strings do great harm to the tree and it is time we stop using these types. Many people are planting trees above the area where they tie the burlap. It is best when we remove the string and the burlap is pulled back. Removing the burlap to see if the tree even has any roots is even wiser! Broken and crushed roots need to be pruned straight across with a sharp tool (as if cutting a garden hose). Keep the root ball soil moist, out of the sun and covered until placed in the prepared planting site. Many trees are committed to an early death because of very simple common sense actions not taken. See Whitcomb, C. E. 1986. Landscape plant production, establishment and maintenance. Lacebark Publ. Stillwater, Oklahoma, it is 680 pages.

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Basal Sprouts Form When Too Deep!

Basal epicormic buds produce sprouts on many tree species when planted too deep. Most often the proper planting depth [A] and the planted depths [B] vary greatly. Eliminating the sprouts is just about impossible [C] once they grow. Below ground some smaller roots may grow [D]. Many deeply planted trees do continue to live but in a weakened state because new roots do develop at [D]. When a tree that we plant too deep is declining it is best to remove the tree and start with a new healthy tree and plant it properly. We WASTE MONEY when we plant TREES TOO DEEP!

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