I want to talk today about one of our closest, best, most marvelous, most wondrous - you can fill in as many more wondrous adjectives as you please, friends, i.e., the TREES.  A lot of people just don't understand how valuable trees are to humans, to ALL of LIFE.  Because trees bring in more energy, fuel, bio-money if you wish, then any other organism on this earth.  And TREES unlike a lot of other money handlers are not stingy.  They love to spread it around.  And many organisms live, only because of trees.  There are other green parts.  There are four (4) major ecosystems.  TREES, GRASS, ALGAE and LICHENS.  So when I say “GREEN” I mean all of these plus many others.  These GREEN beauties, they TRAP the ENERGY of the SUN.  On the SUN explosions of unbelievable, overwhelming magnitude are going on.  Hydrogen is being squeezed and light is coming to earth and the TREES and many of the GREEN ORGANISMS have a little wonderful molecule called “CHLOROPHYLL”.  That “CHLOROPHYLL” traps the ENERGY of the SUN.  It traps the energy of the sun in a molecule humans call “GLUCOSE”.  Now glucose is the living “FUEL”, it’s the living “OIL”, it’s the living “GASOLINE”, and it’s the living “MONEY”.  You cannot LIVE unless you have fuel and energy.  TREES, GRASS, LICHENS, ALGAE – they trap that.  And they are not stingy, they pass it on.  And do you know who gets most of it?  Guess who gets most of it?  HUMANS do.  So with all of this concern about MONEY, FINANCES, CASH FLOW, BUSINESSES, STOCK MARKETS, would it not be wonderful if humans knew where it comes from?  Who brings it?  What do humans do with it?  Where does it go?  I BELIEVE THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART OF TREES.  People have listed oh, 20-30-40-50 benefits.  Oh they give us shade, they take care of the wildlife, water benefits, YES all of those are true but, I HAVE NEVER, except of course in some of the things DR SHIGO has written or I have written, seen the number ONE (1) advantage, the number ONE (1) benefit of trees.  And that is they bring in the SUN’S ENERGY so that humans and a whole host of other living things can SURVIVE!  So the next time you see a tree “TOUCH” it and say “THANKS”.  TOUCH it and say “THANKS”.  DO NOT mutilate IT!  We hear so much about violence on so many programs.  But the greatest  violence is called an “OBSCENITY”.  OBSCENITY means that you take away the intrinsic value of any living thing.  You can be obscene to DOG, you can be obscene to a CAT and you can be obscene to a TREE.  So say THANKS, TOUCH a TREE.  CONNECT, CONNECT, and CONNECT - with that wonderful tree.

Some specifics:

Life is a state where energy-powered processes are so highly ordered that they repeat.


Photosynthesis is an energy trapping process.

Chlorophyll traps the light energy of the sun. The energy is first used to run processes that use carbon dioxide and water to form glucose. The sun's energy is then stored in glucose. Oxygen is given off in the process of glucose formation.

Only 0.1% of the sun's energy is trapped by organisms.
Trees trap 50% of the 0.1%.

Some other major energy trappers are:

Grass — prairies
Algae — oceans
Lichens — tundra
Thick-leafed plants — deserts


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