Generating / Regenerating Systems

Trees are generating systems.  Animals are regenerating systems. 

Trees place new parts in new spatial positions.  In this sense, a tree does not heal wounds.  Healing is a animal term.  Animals place new parts back in old parts positions.  Animals heal and a tree compartmentalizes.  In this sense, humans are animals.  Trees attempt to close wounds.  Wound closure should not be confused with compartmentalization, nor should either be confused with healing, an animal term.  Each year a new tree grows around the old tree.  With compartmentalization, when wounds occur, the tree - in a sense, walls off infections.  The walls, resist, not stop, the succession of microorganisms.

The difficulty with generating systems is that as mass increases, the energy to maintain order in the mass increases at exponential rates.  Click here for the "Mathematical Curve".  When growth, or mass, exceeds the amount of energy available to maintain order, the system will fail.  The amount of energy depends on the availability of elements, water and sunlight for photosynthesis.   The difficulty with regenerating systems is that as parts are constantly being replaced, wear begins to take its toll.  The degree of effective management of any system is directly proportional to the degree of correct understanding of the system.


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