After tree removal some species will form sprouts on the stump the first growing season. The number of living sprouts decreases after two to three years.


Having healthy new trees from stump sprouts is possible. One should wait at least three years before selecting the new tree, or trees if they so desire a clump. Sprouts from single buds low on the stump will be best for new trees (A). I.e., the ones on the trunk flare. We should avoid clusters of sprouts, especially when they are higher on the stump (B). Sprouts growing from the callus around the top of the stump should never be selected for a new tree (C).

Seldom does decay spread from the stump to the new sprout. However decay will spread from stump to sprout when the sprout grows so fast that it squeezes against the wood in the sound stump. Very much similar to included bark on branches. Be sure not to select these sprouts. The lower sprouts (A) seldom have this problem.

When removing the unwanted sprouts be careful not to injure the swollen area at the base of the sprout.

Suggested book on "Pruning".

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