Inside View

Do not injure the swollen area at the base of the symplastless branch.  That is truck tissue.  And do not leave a stub.

Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).








 A proper cut is along the "yes" line.
 An improper cut along the "no" line will destroy the boundary that walls off the decayed wood. 
 If a hollow forms where there is decay now, and water fills the hollow, do not drill holes to drain the water.  Water does not cause decay.  You could siphon out the water and fill the cavity, but do not break the boundaries.

[New Hampshire]

Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).





Outside View

Above it is obvious where the decayed symplastless branch ends and trunk begins.  When removing symplastless branch do not injure the trunk (below)


As you can see, not only was the symplastless branch removed, but the living trunk tissues around the base was removed.  You can count the increments of growth of trunk tissues of this tulip poplar sample (arrows). 









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