Why And Things To Consider When Pruning

Removing cracked and wounded branches would be a safety treatment.  If you come onto a big property, here are some suggestions.  Pruning waves priority.
1.  First wave priority must be safety.
2.  Second wave would be for health.
3. And last would be for aesthetics.


Crowns And Aging

Pruning Dose Chart

Young Trees

Maturing Trees

Other reasons for pruning.  Utilities.

Woody Roots

Pruning of woody roots can be helpful when woody roots are crushed.  I.e., from transplanting or construction injury.  See "Pruning Woody Roots" at bottom of page.  When transplanting it would be nice if we had 3 years to prune woody roots correctly prior digging tree for transplanting. 

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John A. Keslick Jr.
Consulting Tree Biologist

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