Wound Dressing Photos 1

Flush cut Western USA

Wound dressing in Italy

As you can see on this Platanus Sp.,  the callus did not form above and below the wound which was flush cut.  The addition of wound dressing did not help this sample form callus where needed.  The next picture will show you the formation of callus which leads to woundwood formation on a properly made pruning cut.

These pruning cuts were very close to perfect on this sycamore.  This tree is a prolific sprouter.  Notice the sprouts below and on the side of these pruning cuts.  These sprouts came from meristematic points and meristematic tissues in the callus.  The pruning triggered them.  Dose may play a role in such stimulation.

Above:  Red paint used as wound dressing.  Not the results we are looking for after pruning.  The results you see are mostly as a result of the improper pruning.  The point is, the wound dressing, did not stop the response you see.

Above:  Here is a picture of a common treatment and control.  The two wounds on the left were treated with wound dressing and the two on the right were not. 

Ugly wound dressing dripping.

Suggested book on "Pruning".

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