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Note:  I am not connected the the utility company.  My professor in "A New Tree Biology" worked very closely with the utilities to help them improve their trimming of trees near utility lines.  People in my area are still very critical of the utility tree trimmers.  The public must be made aware of the good job they are doing.  Think for a minute about the high risk of hazard trees that are reduced in order to protect their lines.  Here is an example of a high risk of hazard (HRH) tree.  

The top of this tree not only presented a HRH to the utility line, but also to the highway.  In this case the home owner refused to spend a dime.  The utility company made a snag out of this tree while reducing the risk to the public as well as the utility lines.  Too often these treatments go without notice  and the public continues to harp on the utilities when they have to do something to trees, humans planted right under the lines.




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