Nice Neat Brush Piles [for small wildlife and animals]

We need more of these!

Rather than cutting out the wood and removing brush, we professionally make nice neat brush piles for wildlife and other animals.

This also can address some fire concerns.  Especially when wood is given soil contact.  It takes on the form of a sponge holding great amounts of moisture helps addresses moisture regime issues. When wood is removed from an ecosystem it gravely alters the moisture regime. E.g., In 2018 Camp Fire once fertile forest fire was historically the most deadly and intense fire in California history.  Also note that it apparently was the heaviest logged ecosystem that burned that year.

Here are some examples of Nice Neat Brush Piles.


Below: Brush Pile for animals at the late Dr. Alex L. Shigo’s back yard. New Hampshire



This is a clients property where we addressed High Risk of Hazard edge trees.  We managed to address the High Risk of Hazard situation, leaning edge trees without substantial trunk flare on back side of lean.   We did not remove wood and made nice neat brush piles for wildlife.  Enhancing rather than deleting the ecosystem which is a once fertile forest.   A new direction based on a thorough understanding of tree biology and correct information rather than the past textbooks that were incorrect, or the trees are wrong for not doing what those books stated they are.

Below: MICHAEL ROBERTS works on nice neat brush pile for wildlife.

Below: ANTOINETTE M KESLICK works on nice neat brush pile for wildlife.

Below: ANTHONY HUGAN works on nice neat brush pile for wildlife.

Nice Neat Brush Pile in Philadelphia.  They get smaller over time.  The neighborhood members care deeply about cats.  They look after them and care for them.  They insisted we do this. Bless them!!!

MICHAEL ROBERTS professional made this beautiful nice neat brush pile for wildlife.  We save money with respect to what would be cost of chipper, cost for dump trunk.  This also reduces fire issues that brush can normally present.

See: Trunk Flairs about leaning trees.



John A. Keslick Jr.
Tree Biologist

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