Respiration  1  -  Respiration is an energy-releasing process.  Respiration in roots produces carbon dioxide and water.  Carbon dioxide in water forms some carbonic acid.  Carbonic acid dissociates to form a hydrogen proton and hydrogen carbonate or bicarbonate anion.  Without oxygen, normal respiration does not take place.  See “Kreb Cycle”.

Respiration  2  - Respiration is a process where the energy of the sun first stored in glucose is then released in cells to run the processes of life.  Glucose is "burned" in living cells, as oxygen is consumed, and carbon dioxide and water are given off.  It is fascinating to realize that the processes of photosynthesis start with carbon dioxide and water, and the processes of respiration, oxygen is taken in and you end up with carbon dioxide and water.  The processes of photosynthesis and respiration are so marvelous because they serve to trap, store, and use light energy of the sun without altering essential ingredients - carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen.  See “Kreb Cycle”.  See "A Touch of Chemistry " and "Troubles in the Rhizosphere" for starters.

Respiration 3  - The process of using potential or stored energy to "run" the biological "machine" is called respiration.

See "Respiration and Photosynthesis"

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