Water  - One of the six molecules that dominate life. Water is a substance in which two hydrogen atoms bond in a unique way to one oxygen atom, hence, H2O.  The unique bonding is so spectacular that water takes on fascinating characteristics.  Water molecules "stick" to other water molecules because of hydrogen bonds. This cohesive characteristic of water makes it possible for it to be held within the transport stream.  The way the connections are made is one of the wonders of this world.  It is the only substance on earth that occurs naturally as a liquid, gas or solid.  All water on earth originally came from rocks.  As the extremely hot young earth began to cool, gases such as oxygen and hydrogen escaped from rocks.  They collected above the earth, and as some oxygen and hydrogen bonded, the rains came.  Water is one of the most essential substances for trees and for all living things.  To understand the design of water is to recognize the existence of a designer.  Water can act as an acid or base in chemical reactions.  Is water good or bad?  Too much will kill you and you will die when you don't get enough.  Dose is the thing.  Make a horse thirsty. You could then put the water anywhere and it will be found.   Did you hear about the people who wanted to ban dehydrogenize oxide because they were told it caused many problems?  Alas, they wanted to ban water! 
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