Wire Baskets

Once a new tree reaches the previously prepared planting site, we remove the wire basket and burlap.  When this is complete then we are ready to carefully remove the soil at the base of the tree to establish the location of the primary root collars, thus dictating the proper planting depth.  Once this is complete then we proceed to properly prune the woody roots that were crushed, when the tree was dug.

While the latter is our policy, we find it to be the exception.  It amazes me when so called professionals claim insects are killing trees that are in a predisposition as a result of poor planting practices.

Not only was this tree planted about 12" too deep, it developed a secondary root system when was seriously wounded as they grew through the upper part of the basket.  The soil line was above the green arrow.  Red arrow is injury as the tree woody root grew.  Purple arrow is below the wound.  White arrow is wire from wire basket.




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