Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set).
Tree Planting
  - Anyone can put a tree in the ground.  A few people know how to plant a tree correctly.  Caring for a tree after it is planted is a long-term project not so different from education.  Would it not be wonderful if all the people who get their pictures taken planting a tree were made responsible for the care of the tree?   Having lots of trees is different from having lots of high quality trees.  Improper planting of trees has been and still is the number one tree problem worldwide.  It takes a great deal of time to plant a tree correctly.  They say, if you spend a dollar for the tree, spend twenty dollars planting it correctly!  It's worth the investment.  We would remove wire baskets and burlap - then we would correctly prune the woody roots that may be crushed.  Homeowners should check with their utility company before they plant trees in areas where utility lines are under ground!
Click here for instruction on planting!!!!!!!!!. 

5 Minute Planting Guide - A must!

Video on "Planting Bare Root".

Video on "Planting Container Grown Trees".

Planting - Utilities and Buildings

Cluster Planting

Tree Planting Time

Cardinal Rules for Planting Trees

The Old English Method of Planting a Tree

Proper Staking

Proper Mulching

Tree Wrapping (Trunk)   ---a bad habit

Protection From Deer

Don't Worry Plant A Tree

Some deer solutions

Some Problems Associated With Improper Planting

1.  Problems with Planting 1

2.  Problems with Planting 2

3.  Pictures of corrective measures to improper mulching and planting.
       The solution is proper planting and proper mulching from day one.

4.  Wire Baskets

5.  Flowers Disease

6.  Diagnosis 101 Video

Below: Cherry tree planted too deep in 1992 and this picture was taken in 2005.  I saw the tree planted and contacted them to make adjustments but they refused.  Now look at the injury  from being planted too deep.  Tree quality lowered and tax payers money wasted (damage).  Poor tree care practices.  Poor tree.  Poor children.  They also dug out the grass roots.  You say, why is that a problem?  Because the grass roots grow deeper then the non-woody absorbing roots.  With the grass roots went the absorbing roots.  Very sad. 

for lucid instruction on tree care.

This tree was planted too deep as well.  Very bad! 

Image Source - TREES, ASSOCIATES, and SHIGO (2 CD set)

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